Book Review: Counterfeit Gospels


Counterfeit Gospels by Trevin Wax is one of a plethora of so-called “gospel centered” books that have become popular over the last several years. Wax has hit upon popular conceptions of the gospel in American Christianity that fall short of the real gospel and thus become manifestations of a counterfeit gospel. They have many of the trappings, language and features that mark the real gospel, but when examined more carefully they fall short.

The book is well organized around a threefold definition of the gospel and how two counterfeit versions distort or deny each of these key components. Thus, the book is divided into three sections of three chapters each (9 chapters altogether). The first chapter of each section explains one of the the principal components of the gospel while the remaining two chapters of the section expose counterfeits that focus on that particular component. What is useful here is how Wax summarizes how each counterfeit actually distorts or denies all three of the components using memorable graphs. The whole book is clearly written and well illustrated. Wax is also careful to make practical application of the principles he conveys throughout the book. Continue reading