Book Review: What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Qur’an

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What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Qur’an is the latest apologetic work by James White.  White has for some time been one of the great apologists of modern Evangelicalism even though he does not receive the credit he deserves for this.  White is a careful scholar who has a concern to communicate truth in a way that is accessible to the average Christian (the best sort of scholarship in my mind).  White’s writing can be described as direct, pointed, clear and concerned to demonstrate truth from a careful exegesis of actual texts of scripture.  His theology is an exegetically based theology which once again is the best kind.  He writes not only with clarity but with profundity and uncompromising devotion to scripture and the honor of God.

This examination of what the Qur’an teaches is a tour de force.  In it White plies his careful research skills to the critical task of examining the Muslim holy book.  As with so many other of White’s works he does not rely on second hand information but goes right to the sources.  I had a professor who taught his students to make sure you know what the opposition really teaches before you venture to criticize their work.  In this book you will find multiple direct sources from Muslim authorities themselves but few secondary sources, particularly Christian ones.  This indicates that White has done his homework.  He is not content to parrot what others have already said.  In that regard, this is truly an original work of scholarship, yet accessible to any interested reader. Continue reading